Tips To Promote And Monetize Your Website

Website marketing and promotion are the process of bringing a lot of traffic to your website. This can be done in many different ways. SEO is one of the most popular one to improve the ranking of your website in search engines.

Besides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) they are other methods including: SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and so on. This article provides website promotion tips and resources to help you achieve your online marketing goals. 


Forums are best way to get backlink and bring good amount of traffic to your website. I recommend that you should  participate in forum topics, don’t go there to spam them with your links. You should be active member of those forums that has the same interest with your website. The best way to share your website link is on the signature section of the forum. Don’t open a thread with the topic for example: “Hey, Visit”.  That is a bad idea, instead of spamming them with your links, get them to trust you that you are not there to advertise your products or website. When you get your trust on the forums then you can share your link with no follow code. To find a best forums is to manually search for forums related to your website and use alexa website to see if they have good amount of traffic coming in.

Articles Directory

Articles directory are best source to get backlinks and high traffic to your website. Below are some of the best articles directories that have been proven to bring traffic to your website. Users search articles in various categories and after reading article, the end up following a link at the footer part of the article to your website.

eCommerce Directories

Adding your website in e-commerce directories is still the best way bring small amount of traffic. Most of the directory web sites have a lot of listings that are categorized. Below are some of the best directories that you can find online where you can post your link and get quality backlinks.


Classifieds are free way to post your links back to your website, it will increase good amount of people visiting your website. Classifieds are best for e-commerce website, but you can still drive traffic to non commerce website.

Social Networking Websites

Social networking sites are one of the best way to market your website. Having lots of people on social networking website can lead to a good source to bring decent amount of traffic to your website. A lot of social networking sites have forums, blogs, and classifieds where you can post your link in. Such as:

Social Bookmarking Websites

Now talking about social bookmarking sites, this is the top best way to promote your website. You need to write a quality content and then submit it to the social bookmarking website below to drive quantity of traffic to your article then hopefully it get a lot of bookmarked.


I really don’t spend too much time chatting online but networking can be very benefits to promote your website. I know a friend always adding people on instant messengers, chatting with people. By chatting and making friends in the field, you can learn from others and help each other out to benefit your website. The best way is to is to connect with many people in forums or on websites related to yours and chat with them on messengers. My friend is now a online marketer and he tells me it helps him a lot in that field. So below are some of the messengers that my friend recommended me.

Search Engines

This is also one of the most effective and popular way to market your website for traffic. This process can bring a lot of traffic that is targeted to exactly what your website offers. This is very important for e-commerce websites that looking for a high conversion rate. I think it is better to start off with targeting niche markets and less competition long tail keywords because ranking well on Google SERPs for a phrase like “web graphic design” in the search engines would be very difficult to do, so it is better to use longer keywords or detailed ones.

Business Cards

This process basically very basic way to promoting your website but it is very effective. All you have to do is to tell the people in your life about your website and give them your business cards and let them know to give out your business card to anybody who needed your help depending on your product.

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC advertising is the best way to monetize your website and it takes a lot of research to do it the right way. It could cost you a few bucks but if your website looks elegant with greatly designed or if you are looking for traffic. PPC can be a very powerful marketing tool.

Text Link Advertising

Text link advertising is one of the best way to bring lots of traffic, but the traffic are unspecific which is sometimes okay. I find it great to look for website related to your website to buy text links spaces. Or, if you are looking for pounds of traffic, then you can go to famous text link websites that offers space on very large websites. – free

Link Exchanges

Link exchange can worried you out some times because you are not sure the link that you are exchange with can keep the link as long as you are. So in this case you have to find a website owner that you can trust to exchange links with. Link exchange is the most important ways to get high rank on search engine result pages. Make sure the keywords that you are using is anchor text and not a word like “click here” because it will not rank well in search engines. You need to find a website that are related to your website and contact them but be sure to check them out on alexa ratings at:

Email Marketing

The best way to email marketing is to get a mailing list or newsletter to keep updating them about your website. Email marketing is also something like that, it can be very beneficial if done right. Don’t be a spammer or buy lists of email addresses. Be sure to have an opt-in email link on your website for users to sign up to your email special offers or new updates. When you get bunch of email subscriber then you can send them emails once in a while to bring them back to your website or to promote about anything.

Videos Marketing

Videos has been the most popular marketing way to bring lots of traffic to your website. It is the best way to get people get interested in your website. Video can be insert in the content of your article to make it more helpful for your readers. Below are some of the website where you can upload your video and easy way to share it back to your website with embedded code.


eBooks has been become a very popular and they are spread well in downloading websites. You can also sell your eBook on eBay, via your website or just offer it as a gift to your friends, family or anybody. Make extra profits from selling monthly updates of your ebook.

I hope this article helped you narrow down the best methods of promotion for your website. As always, please be sure to share this article on any bookmarking website or social networking website as well. I would highly appreciate it. Thank you for reading this article. Have a great one!

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