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Steps Toward Ordering Well Fitted Custom Dress Shirt Online

April 27, 2016 Guest Post 1

A good quality button up dress shirt is the keystone of a man’s closet. Most importantly, it the most versatile item one can own, you can pair it with a sport blazer or a raw denim jean, or you can pair it with a three piece full suit or tie suit for formal occasion. Either ways, what is essential that your shirt should look great and also make you feel good and that is where all the trouble starts?

There are plainly hundreds of different button up shirts available in the stores or online stores, from luxury shirts to fifty dollar oxfords there are countless of pieces. And there are a number of factors to be considered: the shape, the style, the firmness of the cuffs and collar, the look of the placket and the yoke. And the most annoying part is that it seems every shirt that you buy has a different combination of the above.

Recently it has been observed that more and more men are getting attracted towards custom dress shirts. They opt to go to a local tailor and get their shirts made custom. The trend of custom shirts is increasing because of the absolute control that it offers and the affordability.

Another reason for its popularity is the perfect fit that it offers. Tailored as per your body it’s different than the off-the-rack formats, a custom shirt fits better than any ordinary shirt. The only drawback with the custom shirt trend is that you have to find a decent tailor who can make the shirt for you. And when there is an option like Indochino and iTailor online many men opt for them.

So what’s the whole scene with online custom clothing?

This is the question that popped in my mind when I heard about CustomStitchers, a new company who are growing in terms of popularity. This a challenging thing, I mean the whole idea seem strange, how is it possible that an online company can offer you custom fit dress shirt without you being in front of them. So I thought that I should do a research on this on my own.

Designing Your Shirt

To start with, they have a very sleek and easy to steer website, which in my opinion is a good strategy as the less hassle the user interface is the better experience the customer will have. I find it similar to other websites, you start with selecting a fabric from a number of available swaths, which cover all types of patterns and colors. Next you get to design your shirt. The CustomStitchers have made their designing module pretty straightforward and easy to follow, though I must say that I did get a little overwhelmed with the number of choices it offer for the customization.

Sizing Your Shirt

Here is the part that is very tricky. Getting your size recorded online is the most important part of ordering your shirts and impressively they have accomplished this process well. You get three different options for getting your size recorded.

The first is the simplest one you can choose from the standard sizes mentioned in off-the-rack, only you can customize your shirt in terms of look and design. If you want to be more adventurous than you can take a measuring tape and write down your measurements or take help from a partner. Thirdly you can also add measurements by simply mentioning your collar and sleeve length.

The main issue is that you’re not a tailor. I had my accomplice bail me out with the estimations, however they didn’t turn out effectively €”our mistake, I’m certain, yet it merits saying that I had enough trouble with this stride, had the numbers I entered gone ahead to be made, my shirt wouldn’t have fit comfortable.

Thankfully, the module has an option technique for customization: you can quantify a well-fitting shirt and have your outline made in view of those estimations. This delivers a marginally more bland estimating than what you’d get with your body’s careful numbers, however it’s far simpler and more secure to do it along these lines €”and in the event that you realize that you have no less than one well-fitting shirt, the outcomes will fit awesome. This is the way I eventually did it and it was truly smooth cruising.

The Outcome

I got my shirt on time – it arrived from UK and I was quite impressed by the presentation, which included a booklet of swatches of different fabrics if you want to order again. As for the shirt, the very first thing that clicked me was the fabric of the shirt wasn’t exactly the same as it was online however the color was same, but relatively I liked it in terms of design and fine stitching.

In terms of crafting the shirt was perfect it was clear, perfectly shaped, nearly assembled and high quality stitching. And what about the fit? It was as promised. I send my measurements from a shirt that fit me well and naturally I found out that the measurements I entered were perfectly crafted in the shirt. My say is that there are some drawbacks of ordering a custom dress shirt online but then everything has pros and cons – anyways don’t let the sizing issue scare you.


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  1. Hello Emma Jenifer,

    WOW! well fitted custom made dress online. Seriously I never tried out suited dresses from online
    If I want one i get it from store or stitched it by the tailor.
    But this looks promising.

    Thanks for making us aware with this post.
    Shantanu sinha

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