Windows Password Recovery

Forgetting the password to login to your computer is common and a little frustrating, especially when all of your data, email and internet is locked out.  While Geek Squad can charge up to $300 and a couple days to figure out how to reset your password, we can do it in half an hour for only a small fraction of the cost.

Our Windows Password Reset Service

  • We will wipe the password to any Windows account
  • We work with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (100% recovery rate)
  • We do so by clearing registry values in your system
  • We perform a hard drive sweep before booting
Geek Squad Pricing Our Pricing
$69.99 In-Store
$129.99 On-Site
Regular Rate
$60.00 On-Site
March Special (15% off)
$51.00 On-Site