Links and Resources for Website and Business Owners

Below is a list of Links and resources to help your business and your website deliver more value. They’re broken down into the three main categories of Web, Tech & Media.



Media related goodies, Audio, Video, and Graphics related tools. Applications, Reviews and Resources


Technology in general, Electronics, Software, IT Infrastructure, Group Systems.

  • Automatic MySQL Backup App
    A solid program to help you automatically backup your databases.
  • FreeNAS
    FreeNAS offers software-based storage and backup solutions for a variety of applications, from home to enterprise. Lets you install a NAS server in your own network.
  • SourceForge, an Open Source Collection of software
    One of the largest collections of free and Open Source software available. Useful when you’re looking for any piece of software based on FOSS models.


All Web Related Links. Web Support, Web Apps, Web Administration, Web Systems and all other webmaster and related activities.

  • BytesForAll WordPress WP Themes
    Customizable WP themes – These guys are Great, They build Themeframe and Atahualpa for WordPress.
  • Dreamhost Support Forums
    Dreamhost is one of my recommended options for Website Hosting, and general web hosting. This is their support forum, an excellent resource for the do-it-yourselfer inside of you.
  • GSiteCrawler
    The GSiteCrawler will help you generate the best Google Sitemap file for your website. The GSiteCrawler uses different ways to find all the pages in your website and can generate all sorts of files, statistics and more.
  • Regular Expressions Information and Resources
    When you need to use regular expressions, this is a great reference. You’ll need regular expressions when doing complex search and replace operations. Other use cases for regex come in when dealing with htaccess, redirects, wordpress urls, and other url m

Web Design

  • Fillerati – placeholder text generator tool
    Fillerati generates placeholder text (filler text) commonly used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or visual presentation, such as font, typography, and layout. Similar to Lorem Ipsum text, this actually draws from classic novels for an en

WordPress Resources