How To Find Out If Comments Are From Spam Bot

I have been wanted to write an article about comment spamming for a very long time and today i finally got the little time to talk about it after getting many emails from my readers. Good chef never reveals secret.

In this case, I have to! why? first of all, i’m not a chef plus i like giving out my secrets to my loyal readers. Don’t get excited when you see bunch of comments on your dashboard and don’t approve them until you learn few things about them.

Here is what you need to ask yourself before approving the comment:

  • Do the comments relate to the article were submitted to?
  • Do the URL of the comments indicate they are associated with some company domains?
  • Do the comments contain words that indicate that they came from spam companies such as acne prevention, explicit dirty stuff, Viagra, Buy Drugs Online, Casino, Gambling,  Groupon, Make Money?

If all above is true, then you should never approve them. If you approve it, you are opening the door to all the spammy comment bots to post on your website with worthless crappy comment. Here is another tip on what you need to look for, All spam bots do the misspell words on their comment post. The reason they misspell one word is so they can track the comments later.

Why do they comment?

Usually spammers want you and your readers to go to that specific website that’s paying them, but one of hundred times it goes to a website that deliberately loads ad-ware, viruses etc onto your PC. Don’t visit those sites to evaluate what they are all about. It is not a good idea at all!

The article above for those who are not using WordPress software and don’t want to use any plugin. But if you are willing to upload plugins that prevent spam comment then you should try these plugins below.


Try each one by one to see which plugin works best for your website. Hopefully this article help you out. Like always please share this article with anybody who is victim of spam comment bots.

Thank you for reading this article. Have a safe journey!

Alex Shaikh

My name is Alex Shaikh. I’m a Webmaster and developing professional with diversified experience in advertising, marketing, SEO Expert as well as App developer.

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