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Google Adsense Requirement And Few Tips

April 21, 2016 Google 0

I attained a Seminar about a week ago where we were all disusing about google adsense and blogging. There were many bloggers and professional webmaster like myself on there and many were trying to learn about blogging and google adsense.

Newbies were concern about whether they should apply for adsense ads on their new sites or not.  I believe if you are not getting more then 500 views per day then you should not apply for google adsense. You will be disappointed and you may get rid of google adsense for not making money at all.

Let me tell you, when I was in high school I did a summer job as a pen handler for a small business company. My boss told me to put his 1000 business flyers on the car windshield and another 500 flyers by handing over to car dealer customer when they walk out. I was the only person that he hired for the first time for his company, he open that company the same time he hired me. So I did my job in 2 1/2 hours and return back to my boss. He told me, he got about 5 calls, 7 visits and 3 transactions in 2 1/2 hours which was pretty decent for first time business owner.

I guess I can mention his business since its been ages, his business was tinting car windows and selling car stereo equipment etc. You can evaluate from this that you need to pay attention on how your website traffic is ranking. I use for many years, not only they tell you how many traffic coming to your site. They also provide on where and why people are coming to your website. It’s free to use. On moving to this article, I have to suppose that you are getting good amount of traffic coming to your website.

As you know Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows you to place advertisement section on your website.  When guests click these Google ads on your site, you earn a small quantity of money, often ranging from a few cents to a dollar or more per click. First of all, you need to purchase a domain name, sign up for a web hosting (I recommend and save 25% off if you mention “4alexshaikh”) subscription and set up a website. Or register an account with a free blogging or website platform where you have access to edit the HTML portion of your site, such as Blogger or WordPress.

Think about topics for your website but stick to same category for example on I am sticking on to one category which is about technologies and now technology can be about anything related to new technology like ipad, iphone, windows 7, computers, internet etc anyway Go online to tools that propose insight into Internet search trends, such as Google Trends, Pandia, Trendpedia and Microsoft adCenter. Type in a topic to strong-minded the topic’s general reputation on the Internet.

Drop down the topics for your website. Select a topic that is not forbidden by Google’s AdSense program policies. Google won’t approve your site for AdSense if it overlook gambling, violence, drugs, contains adult content or hacking content, offers or “get paid to” program schemes or promotes other illegal activities.

Write down articles related to your topics only. Place this article on your website; give over each page to a on its own article or blog post topic. This results in a targeted website, which helps the Google’s crawlers to decide what your webpage is all about. Targeted webpages can increase your AdSense achievements since Google will aim ads based on your website’s contents. Add videos and images to your website to attract viewers and so that way your website contains something else as well written content. But keep that in mind; don’t just have a video, google adsense will not pull up the content that matches your video. You have to have 300 article words that must recommended nothing smaller then that.

Now go to the Google AdSense website ( and click the “Sign up Now” button. Enter your website’s URL (e.g., in the space provided. Type your legal full name in which you can accept checks from Google AdSense in the “Payee” field box. Enter a vali complete mailing address and a valid email address at which you want to receive latest announcement and notication about your AdSense application and account. Pray and then Hit the “Submit Information” button and wait for Google to review your application.

Another question what newbie ask us that do i have to wait for a year to apply for google adsense? Now google does not mention anything about the 6 months to a year requirement anywhere. But however, one of the help topics mentions that publishers should wait for 6 months before they can apply or use Google adsense. I don’t know which countries it falls under to tell you the truth no website can earn traffic before it reaches 6 months online and google adsense is not going to bring any credits for them in the site without any traffic.

Six months requirement is applicable for certain countries like publishers from USA, Canada and most native English speaking countries can use adsense on their websites from day one. Why because it’s a racism no not at all. Google is not into discrimination. This policy is applicable for certain countries. Google has been facing large volume of fraud activities from other countries besides USA & Canada especially from a large number of adsense publishers from countries that do not have good writing skills in English and so they engage in illgeal ways to monetize their online content. That does not mean that there are no illegal clicks from USA or Canada. People who are native English speakers can actually write content in English and monetize the content in genuine ways rather then engaging in illegal clicks and get some quick money. Unfortunately the also loses their google adsense account.

So there is a lot of pros and cons for this matter. Keep that in mind; always ask experienced person when it comes to making money online specially when it comes to our beloved Google website. They love you if you have unique content because they want a legit reader click for their clients. Please comment below if you like. Don’t forget to tweet this article on twitter and share it on Facebook.