How You Can Scan Your Website For Coding Problem

When it comes to web graphic and design standards and practices, there are many aspects a developer needs to concern about. This includes, CSS, HTML, loading picture’s time, frameworks, compatibility, responsiveness across multiple browsers, for example the most popular one Google Chrome, Firfox and Safari. Microsfot has released a new app in Internet Explorer Dev Center – Modern.IE. This app detects common coding practices that may cause compatibility problems or prevent your users from getting the best possible experience on a website. You simply need to enter the website URL and it will generates a report on the coding issues for that specific website.

Whenever possible the scanner suggest a fix or enhancement with web standards like CSS3 and HTML5. It is not a complete checklist for coding the modern website but just a starting point so you can spend less time testing for IE and more time building what matters on the web.

It also provides information on what is missing, why it is important and how to get it done. You can download the report and share it from the web app as well. Click on the link below to visit, modern.IE Scan website

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